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Chirico: 'Pirlo ha i giorni contati, tocca finalmente al 'badante' Tudor. Agnelli scarica Paratici'

Sirigo: ‘Birlowe’s days are numbered, until the last’ caretaker ‘tutor. Agnelli unloads Paradise ‘| First page

Tudor ready

Pirlo will be a neophyte as a coach, but he is certainly not an idiot and he already understands the wind that blows at Juventus. Or, Definitely bad for him. Last Sunday, after another incredible performance by the Florence team, He walked out in public: “I’m not happy with the work I’ve done so far, I don’t think the company is anything.”. In short, Birlow understood, without results, His days are numbered, Despite the unconditional support received by the President so far.

In fact, Despite the questionable delay, Cantona will quietly return to Tudor, the “caretaker” selected by management to support and advise Birlow earlier this season. In his technical training on the first team instead of the under-23s (Lega Pro creation), as originally determined. We would have expected the cycle already after the collapse with the Benevento, The Alliance dropped to third and last place in the standings despite a thrilling win at the stadium and wanted to continue at Haragiri instead.

The Croatian would certainly not be a football wizard, but at the very least, he has minimal basic ideas and already has a bit of experience on the bench around Europe.. On the right, the next station The way of the cross Juventus, in 2016 he led the team to a possible Serie B and, If Birlow doesn’t win at Friuli next Sunday, he should save Zoe It is no longer possible for the Europa League.

The Chronicles of Continasa tells of the friction between Igor and Andrea, Does not really match how the team plays, it will be The bench sidelined the position of the Croatian. Now Igor sits on the bank of the river, waiting for orders from Staple to proceed with the change. Not only because of Birlow, but also in the hope that it will really help change the course of the team involved in the scare.

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There are many who smell the sale at the end of the season in the locker room Most of these cases are human and psychological. They go down to the field without banging, Someone is taking care to protect the feet in view of Euro 2021. Not an easy situation, but a possibility for the tutor to Birlow.

If the hot potato is not left immediately (at this time, this is a distant hypothesis), the square is free and ready to recall the current juve and the upcoming one, albeit under certain conditions. This may have been a coincidence, but the unloading of Agnelli’s barrel at Paradise for the Suarez affair (as emerged from the minutes of the Perugia trial) may have been a precursor to the current DS not being updated, thus paving the way for Lehorn’s return.. This is one Conditional-sign-gua– Allegri did not present.