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Sony is preparing a subscription to compete with Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass

Sony is preparing a subscription to compete with Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass

Our colleagues Bloomberg I was able to consult a document specifying a new subscription in production in Sony’s PlayStation segment. Scheduled for spring, the service will be codenamed Spartacus, and you’ll find a link to two existing services: the PlayStation Plus and the PlayStation Now.

As we touched on in our Purchase Guide, PlayStation Now subscribers can stream and multiplay PlayStation 2/3/4 games on PC or PlayStation 4/5 console. They can also download some games. PlayStation Plus subscribers get access to new free games every month, as well as multiplayer and discounts.

Sony’s new offer will have three prices in ascending order:

  • Fee 1: Equivalent to the current PlayStation Plus subscription.
  • Fee 2: Pay 1 offer + big list of PS4 games and then there may be the PS5.
  • Fee 3: Offer 2 Offer + Streaming Games, Demos and Classic PS1 / PS2 / PS3 / PSP Games.

Find out more in the video:

With this service, Sony intends to catch up with Microsoft in subscriptions. The manufacturer may have the name PlayStation Plus, and may bury the name PlayStation Now permanently.

Proof : Bloomberg

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