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Sony is filing an intriguing patent for its virtual reality technology

Sony is filing an intriguing patent for its virtual reality technology

Sony has renewed the patent for the new technology. PlayStation makers like to allow cameras to embed real physical objects in video games using a 3D scanner.

The company filed the legal document in question on June 23, 2021. After reading it, USPTO, the US organization that patents patents and trademarks, asked the Japanese technology and entertainment company to review some details. The organization raised questions about some of its technical claims. The final version has been available since last week.

Real objects in the virtual world

The Site GameRant Who discovered the information last weekend. New technology described
Sony In his document he may allow users to create virtual objects from real world objects.

The basic principles of technology seem to be structured from motion photogrammetry. Using a device, the user scans an object to create its virtual clone. Before inserting it into a simulation or video game, the system determines its characteristics and functions. This will be the first game of the system The call to the bottom of the mountain Guerrilla and Firefight Games.

The smallest detail, scanning the object and bringing it right, requires a 360 degree view Virtual reality.

Technology for Sony’s next VR headset

This new technology can be integrated into PSVR 2, the future virtual reality system offered by Sony and PlayStation. In fact, when CES 2022, The company has released the official technical specifications of the PlayStation 5 VR headset and also confirmed the name of its VR controller, namely the PlayStation VR2 Sense controller.

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The OLED display in this new controller has 2000×2040 resolution and 90 / 120hz frame rates. 4K HDR displays enable 110 degree view and fowl rendering. The screen refresh rate is 90 to 120 Hz. That is, the refresh rate refers to the number of images a screen displays per second.

This technology can join the club Metawares. Therefore, the user will transform everyday objects into a new environment created by virtual reality.

Also, not all patents filed are active in product marketing. So it is not possible to guarantee the next marketing of Sony’s technology. In addition, the patent is still enforced.