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The xCloud beta comes with Windows 10 PC and iPhone

The xCloud beta comes with Windows 10 PC and iPhone

Xbox has officially announced the arrival of cloud gaming on Windows 10 PCs, iPhones and iPods. XCloud will launch Tuesday in a restricted beta for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.

xCloud is finally coming to iPhone, iPad and Windows 10 PC

xCloud is finally coming to iPhone, iPad and Windows 10 PC //. Source: Xbox

Finally! Announced late last year, xCloud finally comes to Windows 10 PC and Apple. The Xbox was formalized on Tuesday, April 20, with cloud gaming service on devices other than Android smartphones and tablets.

Bill Spencer was quiet a few months ago about the advent of cloud gaming on the iPhone and iPod. This is done quickly. Surprisingly, it goes through the Safari browser, As it already exists in Google Stadia. Apple is not compromising and is forcing cloud gaming services They do not want to “file” all their games in the App Store Go through the web application.

Browsers as the Savior of Cloud Gaming

But, here, there is no Xbox or Xbox Game Pass application to use, as xCloud is already easily accessible on Android. On iPhone or iPod, It is already possible to use the Xbox app to play on the streaming consoleThat is, using a WiFi or 4G / 5G connection to enable downloaded titles on your Xbox One. Xbox Series.

On the PC, Microsoft forces players to go through a browser to access xCloud. If you use Edge or Google Chrome, you can enjoy the games without downloading. Xbox promises a “simple and universal home page” for everyone.

This is the latest major move by an American company to establish its dominance in arm wrestling from a distance. Google Stadia In Cloud Gaming. Stadia was already qualified to offer its service in all possible media, including television. With the addition of the Xbox PC and Apple to its wallet, GeForce Now competes with a list without the usual scales, depending on the level of support, as all of its features are available in cloud gaming and blockbusters. GTA V And Bethesda topics.

Xbox Game Pass on PC with XCloud

Xbox Game Pass on PC with XCloud // Source: Frandroid

Thus Xbox offers over 100 executable titles from your console, but not all. The manufacturer explained that this is a beta version of the xCloud service on Android. After all, this means that a few calls will be sent first to some Xbox GamePass Ultimate subscribers who need to access the cloud gaming service. Since then Microsoft hopes to rapidly expand the number of participants.

So first users will test the system as guinea pigs and give feedback. “We will continue to send out more invitations, analyze your feedback, improve the experience, and make it compatible with devices.“Xbox Promises a Website. «For the start of this beta, we will focus on the best-tuning features and create a reliable experience on all platforms, while ensuring that games run. “

How to enjoy xCloud on PC or Apple devices?

You must subscribe first Xbox Game Pass Ultimate This includes unlimited access to the game offer, access to all Xbox services including consoles and PC, as well as access to cloud gaming.

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Starting this Tuesday, Xbox will begin sending out invitations to certain members to access the beta. You must have one that connects via Bluetooth controller or USB. About fifty games offer touch controls on the iPhone and iPod.

At Apple, this will allow access to more than 100 GamePass titles using Safari to access the exclusive site. Guaranteed access via Xbox Edge and Google Chrome, but only for Windows 10 PCs. If it is not possible to negotiate more flexibly with Apple, which does not own Stadia other than the Mac. On Apple brand computers, xCloud has not yet received its access ticket.