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Mercedes più potente di motore, Red Bull più scarica

Mercedes more powerful than engine, Red Bull more exhaust

When you hit a polar state at the 100th polar state of your life at 36,000 per second, it is difficult to calculate where the difference is made: Mastiff Max Verstappen seems to have lost his magical connection with the Red Bull? No, this was unusual for the Dutch because the gap was less on a complete track like Barcelona.

The RB16B came to Catalonia with the compulsion to put the black arrows back in order, but the task was more complicated than it appeared, because Max had to deal with one rider pushing the boundaries of history, making everything easy after another, with an impressive nature.

Louis’ opponents have strengthened themselves, and the English have always dominated the hybrid era by believing in the best car, but this theory develops as the Black King began this season with an undeniably technically inferior attitude. He owns a lot more to generate eight World Championship points than Verstappen, and knows that the Dutchman is not ready to concede anything to his opponent, so the chance of beating Mercedes does not have to be repeated. With the advent of ground-effect single seats next year.

One thing is for sure: the growing Mercedes is included in a sublime Louis. We did not see any technical innovations in the W12 because the Montmeal car was the same car found in the Portimavo. In the world champion team, the knowledge of a car, at least on paper, should have made a difference from the first kilometer of the joint tests, instead, it discovered that it had to chase the red grass, increasing.

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In Barcelona a significant balance of performance was achieved and there was a sense that the difference was made by small details. Comparing Lewis’ best lap with Max reveals some interesting data in qualifying.

Hamilton created the polar position in the center of the circle because in the first part they were even in practice. The fact that Mercedes restored the engine to full speed and red grass to face the maximum speed of the black arrow has decided the risk of dropping the rear wing, with less resistance than the one using the version with the main spoon profile. Friday is seen in free practice.

Instead of using aerodynamic configurations close to maximum load, bold action on one track (Ferrari introduces its Monte Carlo wing). As we said, the difference in the middle section between 4 and 9 turns was measured with the highest travel speed, where the teams measured the absolute load, for which the W12 received 180 thousand on the RB16B.

Surprisingly, with a car with low wings, the Max Verstappen was able to rise to the last field in favor of vertical propulsion and traction and was able to create an advantage over the 144 thousand in a Mercedes, however, showing no weakness.

In short, knowing that Mercedes has some more horsepower it can be said that a more loaded aerodynamic set-up can be purchased, while the Red Bull has a car body capable of generating more physical power, forcing the wings not to be abused. To compensate for the low power of the Honda engine.

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Therefore, a substantial technical balance can be broken by those who make fewer mistakes. Verstappen, who had a low-resistance car, had to play everything from the start: the effect of waking up with a weak Red Bull could give the Dutchman a good chance to make life harder for Hamilton, especially since he could take advantage of the heat better.

If the Efta champion is able to take the lead without stumbling, it will be difficult for Max to overturn the decision as Mercedes has shown a slightly better racing pace. In short, everything is on a ramp or almost …