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Sony fixes a bug with a dualSense controller that shows nothing but an empty battery

The PS5 controller had a very annoying bug recently. While DualSense has already fallen victim to the same drift problem as the Nintendo Switch, a Reddit user noted that the battery appears to be empty and will last for several more hours. Sony finally released a Hotfix patch on June 9, 2021.

Credit: Sony

The article was updated on 06/09/2021 at 2:48 pm

Since the release of this article, Sony has stopped updating the PS5 firmware to 21.01- The latter, which weighs 902.3 MB, fixes the issue mentioned by Reddit users. The dualSense controller should now work properly.

Original article of 06/09/2021

After often struggling to get one, one can imagine disappointment PS5, Find out if the bugs are affected Disables in the best annoying, worst case scenarioS. Sony’s console has actually fallen victim to a number of technical issues, most of which have been resolved after some updates, while others remain the same. When they do not appear out of nowhere.

A small gem of technology called DualSense Controller is not spared by this phenomenon. A few months after the launch of the PS5, Players begin to notice the same gliding problem on the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con. Today, we know that this is not the only concern they have to deal with. A Reddit user actually mentioned An error occurred in the battery display.

The PS5 controller will display an empty battery that can hold it for a longer period of time

“I’ve been having my gaming sessions for the past few days, and I noticed when the PS5 told me the battery was low.”, Writes u / dospaquetes. “Overall, the PS5 told me that it has about 11-12 hours of continuous battery life, and that my control battery starts to run low after six hours. Exhaust faster. “

Although the controller battery is only half drained, It still warns the player that it needs to be recharged. So relatively harmless problem, but it may push its owner to recharge more than reason Its lifespan is fast consuming. “One bar still has a ton of autonomy left. If you turn off the PS5 and restart it, the battery will often show two bars when it shows only one before restarting.”, Points to another user.

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In the same case: PS5 Traction – This video shows just how poorly designed the DualSense joysticks are

Reddit members have so far explored two avenues for the source of the error. One triggers Latest controller update, Revealed a problem he had not had until then. The other points the finger Lithium battery composite, It is best to recharge when its autonomy reaches 20 to 30%. We hope that Sony will control the error quickly so that we can get a definitive answer.

Source: Reddit