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Sony and Konami 'discuss' for a new game - Nert 4.Life

Sony and Konami ‘discuss’ for a new game – Nert 4.Life

There has been a lot of emphasis on Konami and its most popular series in recent weeks. Such a rumor says it all Sony e Gonami There areArguing‘Find a deal and build a new game in the series Fort. Must wear, of course, on the PS5.

Although Konami was not interested in creating new video games, The சீரி What he has on his list inspires many. Recently, moreover, it seems that the Japanese company is very ready to use these licenses and talk about Metal Gear, Silent Hill and Castlevania.

Second Catharsis This last series will be at the center of the ‘discussions’ between Konami and Sony, and is eager to revive this historical series. Despite the latest original game 2014 (Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2), the Belmont Saga has always been very popular among players. This has been proven by the success of the Netflix series, now in its fourth season.

Castlevania series starring in successful anime.

To confirm this rumor would be the fact that Konami has registered metal brands Gas Rising and Castlevania. Is the sensational announcement approaching?

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