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EVO Championship Series

Sony acquires rights to Evolution Championship Series – Nintendo Comments on Acquisition –

Also known as the Evolution Championship Series Evo Known, refers to the world’s largest fighting sports event. it is good Sony Interactive Entertainment The Acquired the rights of Evo Thus a new partnership was formed. In a statement, Sony announced that fighting games are a big part of the PlayStation and that they have worked well with Evo executives in the past. The representative of Evo in particular pointed out that Evo is still there Open to all sites There is no PlayStation uniqueness associated with the acquisition.

So far, there have been games Super Smash Brothers-Series Finally Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Part of the evo last held in 2019 by infection. Nintendo released a statement regarding the acquisition:

Quote from Nintendo

Nintendo enjoyed interacting with fans of past Evo tournaments, so congratulations to the Nintendo organizers on getting better with their plans. We will continue to consider the Evo and other options as we plan our future online and offline Super Smash Brothers tournaments.

Do you think Nintendo wants to be a part of the Evo? Or are you looking for other options?

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