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Some users have to wait before downloading the app

Some users have to wait before downloading the app

On Wednesday, only Apple phone holders will be able to download the Voxicode app, which will have the QBs vaccine passport. On Android, the application is not yet approved, so it will be available in a few days.

The regulations surrounding the vaccine passport were released by Health Minister Christian Dube at a press conference on Tuesday. As expected, Access to restaurants, bars, theaters and training rooms requires obtaining two doses of the Covit-19 vaccine. Vaccine passports are required to participate in many sports.

“The vaccine passport is a resource we have discovered to keep the economy open and protect our people,” Dube explained. We cannot hold the whole population hostage to make concessions to the minorities who refuse the vaccine. “

Citizens can print their QR code, which can also be used as a vaccination passport. So far, 5 million cubes have downloaded the vaccine certificate, which corresponds to 90% of the vaccinated population.

During the initial tests, the efficiency of the application was over 90%. Failures were detected when vaccine evidence was presented on paper, especially for the lights or the angle of the camera used.

For those without a printer, the service will provide telephone support through Quebec, where proof of vaccination will be mailed. Video clips will be posted on the government website to provide support to citizens and businesses.

The application will be assigned to those 12 years of age and older because the younger ones have not been vaccinated. They have to show proof of identity to prove their age. Individuals with COVID-19 who have received a single dose of the vaccine can use the immunization passport.

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For now, the app cannot be used by those with a medical condition that prevents them from being vaccinated. An update will be made in September.

Notice to fraudsters

Limited amount of information in the passport, i.e. name, date of birth and number of quantities received. With the Vaxicode Verification app, merchants can scan consumers’ QR codes. If they are vaccinated enough, their screen will turn green or red. The application does not store any information.

The word of the Minister responsible for the protection of personal information, Eric Kair, said that no fraud can be committed in the vaccine passport.

“The QR code cannot be altered, altered or copied. Those who wish to receive anything other than adequate vaccination are advised to exercise extreme caution because they are the only vulnerable.”

Criminal sanctions will be imposed on the perpetrators. Individuals who do not respect the passport application for vaccination in public places will be fined from mid-September.

With increasing cases, hospital admissions are declining

In August, more than 7,000 COVID-19 cases were identified. This is three times more than what was recorded during the same period last year.

“We are concerned to see an increase in cases. On the other hand, in terms of hospitalization and intensive care occupation, we are at a lower level than last year,” Mr. Dubey said.

The March vaccination targets for all age groups defined are 75% met. Nearly 86% of Cubs received the first dose and 77% one second.

Speed ​​up getting back to work

For the Metropolitan Montreal Chamber of Commerce (CCMM), it is important to note how a vaccinated passport can expedite workers’ return to office in September.

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“The government should not send conflicting signals by encouraging double-vaccinated workers to return face-to-face. The economy should restart by allowing workers to return safely to their workplaces, relying on vaccine passports, rapid tests or any other measures deemed optimal by companies.”

Generally, according to the CCMM, the vaccine passport is obtained favorably by the business community.