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E3 2021 officially confirms ESA - "will be a free digital show"

E3 2021 officially confirms ESA – “will be a free digital show”

By returning to the post, Entertainment Software Association or That, Organizing and Managing AssociationE3 2021, The rumors confirmed by Twitter are fake and “E3 2021 will be together Free digital show To all participants “.

Refers to an ESA VGC News Restarting the Nibble Insider talking about the digital E3 2021, but it may hide some content behind Fee Some kind.

Although considered a misnomer April is stupid, The official position of the ESA makes this rumor more true than it initially appeared. In the document received by VGC, in fact, one can read about the organizers of E3 2021 trying to create an event that is suitable for everyone from professionals to the general public, of course, through the media.

This is called a 100% digital event Electronic entertainment experience (Hence always E3) and would have included keynotes, a launch event, some gift giving, as well as meetings where studios can meet journalists through the video app.

According to the document, it seeks the cooperation of the ESA Nvidia Create exclusive streams with GeForce Now. Also, according to VGC, these appointments will be hidden behind a kind of “payroll” that restricts access to many “content”.

Too bad this information doesn’t really apply to the ESA. “We can’t wait to fill you with real news about the event” Wide line Discussion of E3 2021, for now, with any ESA archives.