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Solar storm towards Earth, Internet is in danger all over the world

An event that strikes science fiction but it can happen and cause serious damage. The impending solar storm poses a risk to the stage.

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So far we have thought of the solar storm as an event that could bring an end to the whole of humanity. Now, however, the apocalyptic fears expressed in science fiction movies must now shift to a specific area of ​​our lives. According to some researchers, in fact, A real solar storm It can be a great victim like the internet. In fact, the perception is that the Internet can do as much damage as sending a link to a waltz around the world.

Last Thursday, during the conference Correlation of Sikkim 2021 data, This question was posed by researchers, and they were a little worried. In particular, the most serious risk would be associated with submarine cables that transmit the best of the Internet around the world. A serious situation that reaffirms the importance of the network in a globalized world.

Solar storm, Internet in danger: Fear of experts

During the conference, an overview of the potential damage caused by a solar storm was provided. With this period, it is identified Fast moving cloud Magnetized solar particles, if they reach a certain direction, can cause serious problems within the web system. In addition, even after recovering the power required for the phase, the resistance is likely to continue for a long time. This, in times of intense automation, could indicate a serious problem.

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Dr. Abdu Jyoti, author of the research, said that local and regional internet infrastructure would be at low risk of damage even if large-scale events occur. The case is different for submarine cables connecting continents. Optical fiber, in fact, It cannot be affected by induced currents In a geomagnetic way. The problem is that public infrastructure, according to the researcher, is not ready for an event like a solar storm. This is because the last ones on earth were dated 1859, 1921 and 1989. The capillary network around the world was still a matter of the future.

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