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Windows 11 mit hohen Anforderungen: Das muss dein PC können

So you can get the latest version now

Windows 11 is a free upgrade to your Windows 10 system. But that will take a long time. Windows 11 offers some improvements and new functionality. So why not enter right now and leave the waiting time? This is exactly what you can do with the beta version now released.

The first beta of Windows 11 is online

So far, only developers and software adventurers can download Windows 11. In the beta version just released, you will no longer get an unstable software construction site, but an initial product that runs solid and stable. For this purpose, Microsoft regularly sends updates to the beta.

This is how you get standard software

Microsoft compiles pre-release versions of MicrosoftInternal planning. There you can sign in to your Microsoft account and get started. But make sure your computer has more requests than current or older versions of Windows 11 operating system. We have put together a list for you to check your Windows 11 system requirements.

If your computer is powerful enough, you can download the pre-release version of Windows 11. You must select a “channel”. Shortly before release in the fall, you can decide here whether you want a shivering developer version, a solid beta version, or a practically finished version.

If you have an Apple Mac or iPad, you can use Windows 10 or Windows 11. Microsoft recently implemented its operating system as a cloud solution. For now, this service is only available to business customers. In doing so, Microsoft is moving further in the desired “software as a service” direction, and thus certainly in the private sector as well.

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