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DUSK - Nintendo Switch

Sniper star DUSK for Nintendo Switch: Will technology work?

Retro shooter Twilight, Which was released to PC (via Steam) in 2018, shining through The aesthetics of the believable 90s. It makes us believe that we have been playing a real sniper since the birthday of the FBS genre. No need to hide from any AAA game of sniper while watching more fun.

This game does not seem to be a success of the 90s Regular Sniper mechanics Offer you a lot Disaster Helped with success, yet something in its own right, easy Terrible glamor.

This is significant because the game exists basically Unity-engine Scheduled. So it’s stuck Modern technology In the scaffolding, so much to do Necessary resources. So far this is not a problem on the system.

Dusk on the Nintendo Switch: Does It Work?

But it already leads us to a problem Digital Foundry Dedicated to one more detail. The question is whether the title can work easily on the Nintendo Switch, because of the port October 28, 2021 In the project.

On the one hand, there is the technical aspect: How does the port work on the hybrid console? On the other hand, there is the question of whether the super-fast shooter can even be played on the Nintendo Switch. And the answer is as simple as explaining. Everything works wonderfully, but only with a loving hand.

Technical boarding and sportsmanship

As mentioned at the beginning, the title is based on the Unity machine. Works with switch port Unity 2020.2.0. Do not compromise on the Bar & Feel switch. How does the title go from a technical perspective?

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  • Native 1080p im dock-Modus
  • Own 720p im portable mode

The Boarding is a great successAlthough there were some problems at the beginning of the port, it is working now 60 FPS. Compared to the PC version, you will not see any difference. It is almost identical (in 1080p), but not completely. But to ensure this, some changes need to be made:

  • The Particle effects Changed: Visible particles reduced
  • Dynamic lighting effects Reduced in number
  • Porting to The latest version of Unity
  • All The levels were made by hand Edited
  • Integration Occlusions-Calling (Items will not be delivered if hidden behind other objects)
  • Unnecessary geometry Deleted
  • Shadow based resizing (Protects from slowing down by alpha effects such as explosions)
  • Of Code Also need to be modified (AI-Physics-Lighting-Scripts)

Now the development studio had to do a lot to get the port running on the final switch version. A 1 to 1 port of PC version That would not have worked.

Extra adjustment for more fun

If you want to tinker with a little look, you can access some extra features like extra plugins Enable color mode And create your own color palette. Or you Increases pixel size For the perfect boomer shooter extension of your choice.

Of FOV (viewport) It’s just as high as the PC version and you can too 150 Walk. So now the iconic DUSK look is retained.

Everything looks great for the boomer shooter on the Nintendo Switch, but are you going to give it a shot? We can only lovingly recommend FPS to you!

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