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Snapdragon 888, 120x zoom, 120W fast charge, leaks data sheet

While it is still kept secret by its manufacturer, it will be revealed a little more in the days of Xiaomi’s Mi11 Pro. Today, its almost complete technical sheet is leaked. 120W Wired Charging, 120x Digital Zoom, Snapdragon 888 சமீபத்திய Here is the latest information leaked about Xiaomi’s next premium flagship.

Yes The Mi11 5G was released in China last December, Siomi did not formalize anything about her big brother We 11 Dec. While the Chinese company is waiting to do so, smartphone-related leaks are widespread. If the latest to date reported a high-speed wireless charging of 67 W, we now learn more about the remaining technical specifications of the smartphone.

On the processor side, we should find this model without real surprise a Snapdragon 888, The same SoC depicting the little brother (m11), as well Galaxy S21 In its US version or in the future OnePlus9. This device benefits from a 6.81 QHD + screen and 120 Hz upgrade rate. Again, we see technical specifications like the Mi 11. This device is entitled to LPDTR5 memory and UFS 3.1 flash memory.

Xiaomi Mi11 Pro: 120W charging and 120x zoom

However, there are some differences to note, and they are significant. Mi 11 Pro thus a 120 W speed charge (wire). On the wireless charging side, Xiaomi’s smartphone has announced 67 W capability so it will be even stronger. Finally, the Mi 11 Pro benefits as a result 5000 mAh battery, Where the Mi 11’s is 4600 mAh.

As for the photo area, there will be an expected change as well. Exit the main 108MP sensor because the Mi11 Pro is a benefit 50 MP GN2. It also benefits from an ultra-wide angle of 48 MP, and on the zoom side, 48 MP. The periscope sensor can take pictures. At 120x, the Mi10 is ultra-like (Digitally, this goes without saying). Finally, on the audio page, nothing changes: we have to take advantage of it Two speakers from Hermann Gordon, Is at m11.

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For now, there is nothing to say that Xiaomi will release its Mi 11 Pro in the near future, keep in mind that the Mi 11 will be officially offered internationally. Feb. 8 at 1:00 p.m.. Will Xiaomi get the chance to offer the Pro version of the phone? See you in a few days to find out No!