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Smartphone ejected: match mocked - Chronicle

Smartphone ejected: match mocked – Chronicle

Maricio Shettino

Prado, 12 June 2021 – Calotta The Cellphone battery It turned out unexpectedly very nicely. Maricio Shettino, 34, took part in a ‘distance’ competition he organized a few days ago Province of Prado To the D Administrative Service Officer of the Municipality of Pogio a Giano. Of the 159 people who applied, two seats were up for grabs from 39 candidates from across Italy. In an email to the province, Shettino spoke of the online misconception that it would cost him to be excluded from the competition’s oral selection. Thirty-four years old, originally from Nocera Inferior, graduated from the University of Salerno in entertainment science and multimedia production, worked on a fixed-term basis at a Venice ASL, asking the province of Cetino to access documents related to competitive testing. . “I do not expect the test results to be overturned – he agrees – but I want to get to the bottom of the question so that such misunderstandings do not happen to others again in the future.”

When the candidate answers the first questions of two written tests to be faced in a single session online from his home in San Done de Pia, the mobile phone suddenly turns on. Shetino goes into the ball. “I was connected to the zoom platform on Thursday 27 May according to competition rules – he writes – I used a hotspot connection from the mobile phone to the computer with the connection of the two devices on the platform, which was not easily standardized. Half an hour later, the mobile phone was switched off, the first drop occurred and I was able to reload it and continue the test “, he insists with the disappointment of” a different software provided for continuous and automatic storage of the entered data “.

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The computer test reaches its peak at noon, when the mobile phone “turns off without any sign of recovery, even under pressure, due to the connection via zoom combined with the PC”.
At the time, Shettino is “helpless and sad” and asks for help from his next-door neighbor, an elderly woman who treats him with a lot of contact in his apartment (and chooses not to attend because he has to go to the room due to bankruptcy arrangements). When the cell phone starts running again, Shettino completes the first written test out of time, and then the second. But apparently electronic coincidences weigh the benefits and timing of the answers: a report on Thursday warns the candidate to opt out of the oral tests. Cettino, in an email to the province, assures him that he is fully prepared, but above all, complains that the test is “invalid due to a technical problem that does not depend on my wishes” Because – he concludes harshly – if you decide to accept this situation, you should anticipate the technical risks to anyone. “