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Slipstream (Nintendo Switch) - Test

Slipstream (Nintendo Switch) – Test

Auto betting is fun, even in retro and large pixel mode. Most arcade based cash games, Slipstream, It’s so good செய்வது Streaming it in your underwear? Rub your joysticks, but keep your jeans on, because this is a serious contender for legend. Exceeding.

Running has become easier

Let’s start by acknowledging that competition, there is no question between Answer, which was published three decades ago, and its cult elder. Its way of playing us directly in the circle, despite the family tie, explodes on the screen as brightly as it should be once the game starts and the tutorial is sent.

Disarmingly simple, the game speaks for itself: I roll with A, go back with B, and of course go back with Y in case of error. Still early, you die, my dear Watson. A good point in favor SlipstreamIts instantaneous grip is only matched by the speed of the asphalt.

At full speed

With unparalleled speed, our cars prove to be particularly responsive and pleasant to drive, and are fitted with comfort options related to their weight: light, heavy or normal, the latter directly affecting the handling and effective speed of the vehicle. Slides can be achieved by pressing button B, otherwise fully automated. One aspect that should be overlooked by those who want to negotiate as many Harbin curves as possible is to snatch precious seconds during the decision.

However, beware of excessive slips, which, without managing the damage, will take you directly into the background after several rolls without your physical exertion – Reactionary Forced. What a satisfaction to not find any scratches on the paintwork of just ten cars available in the game! However, like the gameplay it is more than enough: free betting, battle royal, championship and let go, the bouquet is very packed.

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Back to the future

Well stocked, well matched: visually, Slipstream Executes the indirect contract perfectly, which pushes the respect paid to its famous models down to the smallest pixel. Circuits with brilliant layouts benefit from this retro patina, which is pixelated but not overly smooth, exaggerated and magnifies the whole game.

Equally interesting, the soundtrack is illustrated by its synth pads, which are reminiscent of the song along with the graphics. The real survivor, By David Hasselhoff – Comment restricted to the author of these lines. Just enough to continue the pace in the beautiful ten hours, complete the title, translate it fully into French and open its hits. However, an estimate will depend on each person’s investment, according to happiness, the controller on hand.