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Brand new update with new functions

Brand new update with new functions

Microsoft has started releasing a new Xbox Dashboard update with new features.

The new Xbox April 2021 update is here and awaits with Xbox application leaderboards, new GamePass features and more. All information can be found below.

Jason Ronald, Xbox’s Joint Director of Project Management, said: “Team Xbox is excited to make Xbox even better by refining the experience and delivering brand new features based on your feedback. This month’s release includes record tracking on game description pages and leaderboards on the Xbox mobile app, new game suggestions and collections on the Xbox Game Pass, the ability to pause your active game to speed up downloads, and more. “

Achievements: In the further development of the new mobile Xbox app for iOS and Android, we listened to the comments of fans who want to regain the achievements in the Xbox app. The testing of achievements in the Xbox app started last month, and from today, you can see how selected players compare with their friends on the monthly leaderboards.

We’ve also added the ability to view achievements on the game’s detail pages to track progress. All of these updates will be in use by the end of the month.

Play Xbox Game Boss Games with Friends: Playing with friends has become easier with the Xbox Game Pass on your console. Playing with friends now appears when friends are playing any Xbox game pass game. You can go straight to the multiplayer session you can join or start installing games that your friends play.

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New game suggestions and collections on the Xbox Game Boss: Discover new game suggestions and collections on Game Console on your console. Find another gem based on your game with “Because You Played” or find a game to play with friends in “Multiplayer”. Collections like first person shooter, sci-fi, horror, sandbox, mystery, anime, fantasy, beautiful and many more are also included. When all of these collections land on your console in the Game Pass Center, be sure to find one that fits your mood.

Pause the game and speed up downloads: Download your games soon using the new “Suspend Game” feature in my games and apps. The queue today warns you if the active game slows down the download speed. You now have the option to pause your active game to free the bandwidth and get the most efficient download speed. With a quick restart you can return to your game immediately if you want to play again.