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Skating will get worse -

Skating will get worse –

The Controller DualSense of PS5 Is Removed From iFixit, the YouTube channel that handles tear gas to check the repair of various devices. Well, it seems to be happening Drift Has precise causes and is only destined to worsen.

With a class action already launched against Sony for the dualsens slip, it only becomes clear that the title is too hot and too low available PlayStation 5 In stores it became less popular than it was under normal conditions.

As IFixit said, the problem with sliding components was well known, so the introduction of a new console was largely avoided. Sony, Which does not consider it appropriate to modify the program.

On the one hand there is the fact that the sticks are coming All are made by the same company, Which established precise criteria for the duration of the potentiometer receiving inputs, although this can be significantly reduced during a serious and frantic application.

On the other hand, the presence of areas close to these elements and vulnerable Dust Or withInterest, Reverses incorrect calibration and animates the sliding event.

In all cases, unfortunately it seems that dualSense is not an easy controller Adjustable To the world: Ignition and removal of parts that can cause problems indicates a certain familiarity with this type of intervention.

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