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Samsung's wireless charger is free again on sale

Samsung’s wireless charger is free again on sale

Samsung’s wireless charger is not very efficient, but it is very affordable. As for the 2021 summer sale, it’s free at Cdiscount thanks to ODR. All explanations can be found below.

Do you have devices compatible with wireless charging, but you have not yet used this technology? With Samsung Trigger Charger in crazy ad for sale, You do not even have to spend a dime to try.

Samsung’s wireless charger …

  • A round and sensible design
  • 5W charging for Qi compatible devices
  • And 10 W Fast Charging for Samsung smartphones

Instead of 25.90 euros, the wireless charger from Samsung is now available on the CitisCount site for 19.99 euros. And with ODR of 20 euros Valid until September 30, It’s free!

A sensible and practical design

The Wireless charger Samsung has a low profile design that is easy to mix with decor when placed on a bedside table or desk. Above, it has a small, very practical grip to prevent objects placed on it from slipping carelessly.

Samsung devices obviously have an advantage

This base is capable of recharging your devices wirelessly, and up to 10 W for some Samsung branded devices. Fast charging is the Korean brand’s proprietary protocol Galaxy S7 And up S21 Ultra. For example, it also works with its attached objects, such as the Galaxy Watch Active. For all other Qi-certified devices, the charge can only go up to a maximum of 5W.

In addition, the station will charge your device even if it is covered by a protective shell, it should not be more than 5 mm thick. Finally, keep in mind that the Samsung platform provides a USB-C connection, but no compatible cable is provided with it. So you have to use the wire you already have, or buy one separately.

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2021 Summer Sale: Everything You Need to Know

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