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Sinner and Alfa Romeo, “Compatibility Talents”: How the winning mix is ​​born

Italian young tennis star Jonic Sinner has been Alfa Romeo’s global ambassador since last October. Reasons for the winning combination

Sinner and Alfa Romeo, “Compatibility Talents”: How the Winning Twins Were Born (Photo Gallery)

Jonic Sinner is a young Italian tennis player who thrills all fans and the sports world. He unleashes great expectations, his ear plugs, excellent results, maturity and the strength he shows on and off the field. Qualities are not so common in a nineteen year old boy.

In October 2020, Chinner became the face of the world as Alfa Romeo’s “global ambassador”. The blue tennis player proudly announced it on his social profiles, with a photo with the message and the hashtag #MatchingTalents. The skills that meet, they go together.

In fact Jonic Sinner and Alfa Romeo share identities and values. Meanwhile, the spirit of competition, interest, sustainable development, improvement in performance. Alfa Romeo watching quality with Antonio Giovinci in Formula 1, With whom Janick Chinner shares a love of racing.

Both are helping each other. Geovinasi gives him driving lessons because he also enjoys jonic karting. Chinner lends a hand to improve his tennis, Like he did with Australian Daniel Ricciardo last December, Switched from Renault to McLaren.

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Sinner and Alfa Romeo Stelvio, Video of the Snow

Alfa Romeo immediately chose to face him to complement the new Giulia and Stelvio in the Sprint version. Piscion is a name reminiscent of the brand’s origins, and the range offers a strong presence to the sporting soul. The strong and precise nature of the Alfa Romeo, In the light of being in Formula 1, within the constellation Stellandis.

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Sympathy, for example, The Last Christmas screen saw Jonic Sinner and Alfa Romeo Stelvio as the protagonist Covered with snow. A sample was later released and found as a gift.

Blue, who won his first two matches on the ATP circuit after his partnership with Alfa Romeo, showed a very natural side in that playful environment. Chasing a chicken, driving in the woods, football challenges with his coach as well as other moments he documents in the social profile that emerge.

These are all a Intensity in application, in the commitment to work that conveys a desire for competition. Features that make him an idol for kids who are already approaching tennis. In fact, Sinner offers another color to Made in Italy’s success. With its steady pursuit of progress, performance becomes emotional. Pitch and behind the wheel. Compatibility skills, really.