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Single World: Soulstorm officially announced on Xbox |  Xbox One

Single World: Soulstorm officially announced on Xbox | Xbox One

Released exclusively on PlayStation consoles, Single World: Hurricane It has finally been officially confirmed to Xbox after being seen on several game rating companies in recent months.

Single World: Hurricane Exclusive will end soon

This time, it was official. Single World: Hurricane As developers confirm today, the Xbox Series X | Will be releasing well on the S and Xbox One.

Single World: Hurricane Announced in 2016, but most recently on PlayStation and PC, released last April. During the release of the new trailer for the game last year, a temporary excerpt was also shown with the following accuracy The console is exclusive to a specific time. Also available on PC “.

We do not yet know the release date of the game for Xbox, but the developers of Otworld Residents promise to reveal it soon.

If we do not know the period of this uniqueness for Sony, there will be no need to wait long to see the playground on the Xbox, as the Brazilian classification system already listed the game on Microsoft’s console earlier this year. .

Most recently, it is a classification of games such as the Xbox Series X and S and the Xbox One, which was found on the ESRP site that handles games in the United States. This game is rated D for being logically adequate “teen” like the PlayStation version.

Single World: Hurricane Released April 6, 2021 on PC and PlayStation. This is a remake of The Outer World Abbey Exodus.