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Since the PS5 and Xbox Series X have "memory-like" designs, IKEA now has its own hardcover

Since the PS5 and Xbox Series X have “memory-like” designs, IKEA now has its own hardcover

In 2021 we certainly won’t find it PlayStation 5 e Xbox Series X. Have weird designs that will make a different first impression in your living room. While the PS5 is massive, white and glossy, the Xbox Series X has a more composite, square and sleek body, but it chooses an unusual vertical style that differentiates itself horizontally from its larger sisters.

In short, these are hard to imagine in your media center, trying to keep them in their respective positions as long as they are in front of you. So, in order to help his customers decide – consider not having to reveal the real PS5s Xbox Series X., Without provoking a civil war, given how unattainable they are – that’s all IKEA Solution found, report In the user JFP1 Imkur: The well-known chain for resale home furniture and decor is actually being plugged into its stores 1: 1 hardbacks of the next gen consoles.

IKEA hardbacks dedicated to the Xbox Series X and PS5

Notice the words on the body of the white PS5, which reads as follows:

Which IKEA Media Center cabinet will fit my new game console? Large enough to be a monument?

Since more and more people who choose the TV cabinet in the living room also need to adjust the consoles, you can immediately get rid of all doubts: take the hardcover and arrange the furniture you show at home with the idea of ​​what it would look like with your (real) console above. Suppose at least in 2021, you can finally find one of the stores.

Jokes aside, stocks PS5 And the Xbox Series X is expected to be much easier to find this year – for example, Sony spoke Significantly reduced difficulty And is ready to launch its next gen In India next February as well. In a nutshell, we should soon see the arrival of the new PS5 and Xbox in stores – this time, at least, not the cardboard, after the critical phase that led to the avoidance of both Black Friday and the Christmas period.

If you want to track the availability of PS5 on Amazon, This is the page. On the other hand, if you are looking for Xbox Series X, Keep track of this address.

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