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Exclusive game from software in development according to a report -

Exclusive game from software in development according to a report –

According to a new report, Microsoft has acquired a new exclusive for its next generation console, Xbox Series X | S.. In particular, Microsoft will work From the software – Creators of the Dark Souls, Sequoia, Bloodborne and the future Elton Ring – For a Creation Exclusive game, Precisely one Roll-flaming game with a sci-fi setting, Released directly by Microsoft (in other words, this is a total, non-temporary).

Unfortunately this is That statement allows us to find out Xbox Series X | Regarding this supposedly exclusive game from the software for S. If true, this would definitely be a strong point for the Microsoft console: the software has been one of the public’s favorite studios for many years, and remember, the latest exclusive deal that allowed the creation of one of the best titles in the world, Bloodborne, last generation.

The report comes from Miles Tombier of Windows Central, however, who says for now is a collection of rumors based on rumors that he has had the opportunity to be heard. So we can not say that it is 100% systematic and correct. Microsoft and From Software Xbox Series X | Negotiated for an exclusive game for S, but everything is already gone, and the leaked ones are unaware of it.

Uniqueness or not, players will definitely be interested to see a new game from the software, especially in the genre of science fiction: the team always chose historical settings (more or less accurate) and never tried the path of science fiction in a field like souls. However, we have not yet officially found out about the Elton Ring Any information about the studio’s new project will have to wait.

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Speaks precisely about Elton Ring, PVP seems to be returning and “the trailer didn’t reveal anything important”.

Can you trust the Xbox Series X software exclusively from the game?