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Harry Potter: The night dedicated to the young guide will be digital

Harry Potter: The night dedicated to the young guide will be digital

Every first Thursday in February, thousands of Harry Potter fans usually go to bookstores to celebrate their young, wonderful hero, and this year’s party will go live on Thursday, February 4th tomorrow.

No hat parades, no witches and other invisible costumes, no Voldemort, no Dumbledore disguise … fans have to stay home. So in order not to deceive them completely, Colimart Genesis has thought of everything.

This year, it will be a question to answer an online quiz on the site Night of Harry Potter Books To try to win some prizes from the Harry Potter universe. Two difficulty levels are planned (and only one entry per person) and each participant can play from their home from February 4 to 7, trying to win collector’s boxes, books and derivative items.

At the end of the quiz, participants can download their diploma and of course share their score with the hashtag on social networks #HarryPotterBookNight.

Lovers of the Universe created by JK Rowling can download a functional kit to organize a themed evening including games, decorating ideas, dinner buffets and costumes, about this glorious night from February to Thursday. This year, the theme is the happiest place in Saga: the “side road” where young witches receive their worship equipment.

Business without trade and celebration without celebration?

To get away from the promotional event altogether, Colimart Genesis has decided to learn about the simple participation of libraries, schools and community centers, thus asking at the beginning of the activity book to “make sure the evening is not unnaturally commercial”.

On the other hand, in these times of epidemics, the publisher emphasizes the importance of respecting the sanitary guidelines for meetings.

Eventually, it will become a real magician to organize such a party.

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