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Sifu, the new sports video for the game of kung fu from the future sports show

Sifu, the new sports video for the game of kung fu from the future sports show

Sifu This is one of the games featured Future sports show Last night, he returned to show himself in a new one Video game It highlights some other aspects of this particular topic, all of which focus on fighting with kung fu and assorted martial arts.

Sifu was first announced on February 25 with the trailer for the State of Flea, a new product from the Slogglob team PC, PS4E PS5 An unannounced date is expected by 2021. This new video illustrates other game situations taken from the game and allows you to delve into some aspects.

Pierre Torno, co-founder of Slow Cap, explains some of Sifu’s characteristics in the video: It’s a story of revenge, a young man looking for the five killers who killed his family. These are the five bosses, each representing an element between wood, fire, water, metal and earth.

It leads us to explore different contexts, with features reminiscent of different key elements of the enemies we hunt. The game takes place on a regular basis Fight Exploiting techniques Martial arts, With bare hands or side to be used in close combat.

As can be seen from the videos, with each death the protagonist changes his age and his appearance, even if this element reaches a certain limit, at least for now.

Sifu is shown in a new video of a future sports show

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