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Show you 4K-

Show you 4K-

The PlayStation and Xbox played their ace, and now it’s up to Nintendo to shoot with Switch Pro. There is nothing official about the new Japanese console, but leaked profiles on the web speak for themselves OLED screen and 4K resolution, Enough to focus on the foreign console compared to Sony and Microsoft for philosophy and playful project.

The value of 4K

By scanning the most recent console firmware update, you can find information commonly known as the reliable Scires M Dataminer Class. Very important Chip Real Tech. This component immediately suggests support for 4K, a highly anticipated specification for a console 1080p full HD resolution If the on-board screen is connected to a TV or HD 720p. To make a comparison, though improper, Xbox Series X. Ready for 8K e PlayStation 5 It will open with future updates.

Il scene Oled

Another novelty found between the lines of the code is the OLED display. At this point the switch and switch light are on an LCD. . The idea is interesting: this technology is already present in many small devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers. Finally SciresM speaks Choke Nvidia Tegra X1 +, Is already in the making of switches from the end of 2019, Increased battery and improved cooling system.

Nintendo cools the spirits

In short, interesting news if Nintendo confirms the President of the United States, Duck Bowser (Yes, that’s how it is called Super Mario enemy), Cools the spirits. Even a month ago he bluntly stated that there was no Pro in the company’s plans. Considering the huge success of Switch and Switch Light (68 million units sold), he explained that there was no reason to create a new model. Additionally, the current two consoles are the most recent. Major released in March 2017, Light in September 2019 And they have to shoot many more arrows, first being the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the much-anticipated Metro Prime 4.

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