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Shortroco makes its debut with Dragon Descent போக Nintendo Connect on Pokemon GO

Shortroco makes its debut with Dragon Descent போக Nintendo Connect on Pokemon GO

In the news last December Pokemon GO Theme, you can already read Dragon descent Tuesday, December 7, 2021 to Sunday, December 12, 2021. Dragon Pokமொmon event inspired by the famous Drachenstiege in the Einall area! Now we have Additional information For you.

Special research on the season of origin continues!

Done! As a part of Mysterious door blocking the way to the ancient cave, Opened. The click of the opening mechanism startled the cave-dwelling Pokமொmon – and appeared with them Sharadrago, An internal Pokemon GO Pokemon never seen before! With luck, you may even encounter a shimmering pattern. You know, the cave Pokemon is alive Sharadrago In the Drachenstiege of the Einall region.

With him, the other Pokmon in the house will appear on the Dragon Stairs. These include fire, electricity, and ice-pokemon, which may in some way be associated with the region’s legendary dragon-pokemon: Reshiram, Zekrom And Curium.

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO

Collector Challenge

To celebrate the show and the inauguration Sharadrago Get the new Pokémon Collector Challenge during the event. Complete the challenge 1.000 EP, 3,000 star dust And a Meeting with Shardrago Open!

Wild Pokemon, Raid Wars and Field Exploration missions

Wild Pokemon Number Wolfix, Jurob, Trattini, Voltilam, Sniebel, Naklian, Elizabeth As Plumbian And much less often Dragonir, Vibrated As Capuno.

  • Level 1 appears in Raid Wars Japlardin, Lichtel, Betsneef, Colpit And Capuno.
  • Are in level 3 Electech, McMurray, Lapros, Dragon And Sharadrago Representation.
  • Level 5 is possible Reshiram And Zekrom Includes challenge and mega raids Mega-stalos.

Wave to complete field research tasks Trattini As Sniebel Or even with luck Sharadrago And Capuno. All four may seem like shimmering models! You can also go during the event 175 PokéMünzen Purchase a special event box once Three remote raid passes Contains.

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