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Shortcuts for Mac: High productivity with MacOS Montessori

Shortcuts for Mac: High productivity with MacOS Montessori

With Montessori, the known shortcut application from iOS comes to the Mac. The new automation application aims to replace the automator.

One application that Apple has neglected in recent years is Automator and Apple Script. Many years ago there were rumors that Apple would use an Apple script based automation solution

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. There is now a successor with shortcuts or “short commands”: the most successful software on iOS, MacOS comes to Mac under Monterey. As shown in the first videos for developers, the app looks similar to the iOS version but offers many additional functionality. It is fully programmed in SwiftUI and uses the same code base.

The solution provides instant shortcuts, including some new ones for the desktop Mac, when the app is first launched. A gallery provides an overview of available commands, and you can create your own commands using the integrated editor, which is compatible with the Mac. According to Apple, the automation application provides full support for shell scripting and Apple script, but also provides JavaScript for Apple automation. Many popular automator functions are carried over to the Mac version, such as managing files and extracting media.

The Mac version also gets a new editor

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The Mac version also gets a new editor

New function

Apple has updated the automation app for both MacOS and iOS so that automations can now be sent as a simple file. This makes it possible for a developer, for example, to provide a useful shortcut for download on his homepage – for iOS and macOS. However, the transfer must take place via iCloud, the download link being announced by Apple. The shortcut is signed with the sender’s identity. But there is “private sharing” to share in the inner circle. Other new shortcuts focus on upcoming computer functions, such as access function sound detection and more. Many commands for file management are new. For the first time, a signature command line tool and a new migration tool have been added to your actions. It is designed to transform automator operations into one of the new shortcuts. Change is possible using drag and drop; Shortcuts can transform an existing process into one or more shortcuts.

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Provide shortcuts

As a developer, to reset the functionality of your application, it can also be called an indented framework, also known as Sirikit. Like the iPod and iPhone, each application can provide shortcut actions, but the developer should call these actions the intent definition file. Lastly, not least, Sree’s good integration may be one of the reasons for the success of the productivity app on iOS. For example, if you want to provide filtering functionality in your image editing application, you can call it from other applications via Shortcut or Siri. Developers can learn more at the WWDC session

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