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She leaves home to celebrate her birthday: Twenty years old in a coma

She leaves home to celebrate her birthday: Twenty years old in a coma

Not far from Milan, the birthday party ended in tragedy. Investigators are still investigating to find the culprits.

After disappearing twenty-one years in the thin air Of Matthew Foker, Another tragedy played by a young man. It was 22 years old on July 26, 2019 Luca Castiglioni He left his home in Milan – Milan on his way to a birthday party. After that, his life will change forever. In fact, that night was Luke Ended in a coma. To date, it is not yet known what happened during the party and who or what caused the boy’s brain injuries Between life and death.

Even after the coma, the young man’s life did not return as it had that evening. Luke – explains Newspaper – Had to follow one Very long rehab In Posio Parini in the Lecco area. He was discharged on February 21 with a hole in the front of his neck to commemorate him tracheostomia He had to enjoy. The boy did not remember much of the evening, and for this reason, asked someone who had attended the party to explain what had happened. Parents go to Roy’s show “Who saw“Desiring witnesses but said nothing. Luca does not know how he ended up in a coma, he only knows that many of his friends who were with him on July 26, 2019 are missing and they have left him alone.

At first it was thought to be an accidental fall, but, after doctors rejected this hypothesis, the young man’s mother did not hesitate to complain to Carabinieri. In fact, the twenty-two-year-old had just arrived at the hospital Brain injuriesDamage is thought to be incompatible with a simple fall: a fracture on the right side of the skull, and a hematoma in the left eye. Friends who attended the party with Luca, questioned Nerviano’s carabiner Different versions. Someone said the boy, after a few excessive drinks, fell in an attempt to make a Somerset. Others said they saw nothing. Still others said that Luca, as a joke, was thrown out. Initially, Milan’s lawyer’s office closed the case, calling it a “badly finished game”.

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It took almost two years to open a process. Next December 13Reports DayCase against, before the Fifth Criminal Division of the Milan Court 27 years old from Parabiago Accused of negligent injury. On the evening of July 26, Luca Castiglioni was relieved, according to investigators. Pushed very hard: Fell and hit his head on the marble floor. One of the lawyer’s initial assumptions was that there was a fight between the two boys. A lead excluded at the end of the trial.