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Sharing your Netflix password can be very complicated

Sharing your Netflix password can be very complicated

Netflix is ​​testing a new feature that verifies account ownership with a two-factor authentication system. And a clear goal: to control the division of accounts, while at the same time fighting theft.

Many of you may share your password Netflix With many friends or family members. In the streaming service, each account allows five different users and there are no limits on the number of connected devices.

The bad news: Sharing your password easily can be very complicated. At the very least, this is a new feature that appears with some Netflix users.

Dual recognition

According to Gammawire, Some users who try to use someone else’s account now receive a warning message. The message says: ” If you do not live with the owner of this account, you will need your own account to continue viewing.

Of course, it also gives you the option to verify that you are the owner of the account by receiving an email or text message with a verification code.

Oh no. Does Netflix do the cleaning?!?

– Slogan more (DOP3 Sweet) March 9, 2021

The third option is a buttonCheck back laterIn principle, this allows you to continue to view Netflix indefinitely. However, the option to verify the account will reappear sooner or later.

A function that is being tested at this time

Netflix definitely verifies the location of the device you are trying to connect to to trigger this verification display. The U.S. team has confirmed that there is a test phase to ensure that individuals who use Netflix accounts are allowed to do so.

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Los Cados talks about anti-theft. However, this new feature marks the beginning of the end of this loose password sharing policy.