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Shadows die twice in Questa mode -

Shadows die twice in Questa mode –

Roger “Rotten” Norduysen created the Plates of Ashina, a Special mode of Dark souls3 It completely changes the style and speed of the souls of the software. Motor, in fact, has been thinking about adding moves and weapons Sekro: The shadows die twice For the PC version of the 2016 game.

In fact, the mod has been in operation since June 2020, but it still took a few more months for Roger “Roden” Nourdyson to complete his work. you can Download Tamil La Mot de Dark Souls 3 Plates of Ashina a This address.

The mod not only adds weapons from the most recent product of the software, but also fixes it Moving Available to the protagonist. With each new update, Roger “Roden” Norduysen adds new weapons and new moves, gradually introducing all of Sekro’s abilities: Dark Souls within 3 Shadows die twice.

There are currently 9 weapons, and according to their creator, these weapons are fully integrated into the game. There may even be bloody weapons in the future of this interesting mod Roger “Rodan” Norduysen Find a way to insert them evenly into souls.

From Video You can see some of the weapons and moves actively posted on Twitter by the author. What do you think?

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