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Available on iOS 14.4.1, MacOS 11.2.3 and WatchOS 7.3.2

Available on iOS 14.4.1, MacOS 11.2.3 and WatchOS 7.3.2

The iPod and iPod 14.4.1 iPad are offering the iOS 14.4.1 (Built 18T61) update for the Apple iPhone tonight. This is the revised version. As a reminder, iOS 14.4 saw daylight last January.

iOS 14.4.1 is now available

Apple did not go into details regarding changes to iOS 14.4.1. Manufacturer only indicates:

This update brings important security updates. It is recommended for all users.

To download the update, go to Settings> General> Update. iOS 14.4.1 will appear and start the download. The weight of this version may vary depending on the device. Otherwise, you can download the update for your PC or Mac from our exclusive section. Manual installation can be done from a Mac via iTunes or from a Mac Finder.

As a reminder, iOS 14.5 is currently in beta for developers and general testers. Apple has already said that the final version will come in early spring. There is no exact date yet for the immediate future.

macOS 11.2.3 and watchOS 7.3.2 are available

On Mac, Apple makes MacOS 11.2.3 available. This is about important security updates. On the Apple Watch page, Apple Watch offers an update to OS 7.3.2 (create 18S821). It also makes corrections, without further ado.

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