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Sewing in Tokyo Trouble - Coming Soon Nintendo Switch

Sewing in Tokyo Trouble – Coming Soon Nintendo Switch

A beautiful new page scrolling platform is coming to Nintendo Switch soon – Run, Jump, Slide, Slam and Slide Immerse yourself in this colorful single player action game, and it’s perfect for travel.

Sewing on the tuxedo issue
Save your corn and bother, twist and beat the tuck! As a dedicated scarecrow, you are on a mission to find every stolen corn and recover your fields from the evil wood duck!

The eye-catching art style is full of colors and characters and enlivens the different worlds that Stitchy has to make her way through. Drive my carts, avoid wooden brunch, immerse yourself in a dookie factory, face massive boss fights and much more!

With stunning fairytale art and invention enemies and intuitive controls, Stitchy is easy to pick up and play with on the go, making it fun for all ages! Trust us – you will be amazed!

Frederick, co-founder of Polycott, says: “Stitchy is a true love affair for us and we are happy to share this first look with the world! It’s like our own fairy tale – inspired by the classics we love: Donkey and Crash Bandicoot. We hope that our fast side-scrolling game and colorful art style live up to our inspirations. As for the final release date – it needs to be clarified, so stay tuned! “

Sewing on the tuxedo issue Features:

  • Colorful single player site fun
  • Play on the go – easily navigate in and out
  • Beautiful fairytale page scroller for all ages
  • Three worlds with nine levels each, a boss fight and a secret level!
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