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fogna a pistoia

Sewer drains near buildings in Kodanzaro, Pistoia

Smell of nausea again on the side of the neighborhood and asa comfort charcoal 16 March 1978 via Pistoia Forest, Due to a pipe breakage the sewage comes into the stormwater drainage drain. Only a few buildings in the neighborhood have been affected, but today their turn, a few weeks ago the turn of others, the truth is, residents returned complaining about the stench The “Together for Pistoia” group Written for the municipality, Department of “Environmental Hygiene”, to resolve the situation.

To challenge The unfortunate problem is a sewer, whose drains reach the interior buildings of the district. Everything was slightly destroyed due to pipe rupture caused by the fire. Everything is expected to return as before, and for health reasons. “For the first time, the team always wrote – some residents say – I think they solved it. This time we hope they’re coming back soon, they will not leave us in the stench.

There is also the neighborhood page All the drains are clogged and dirty Although it may seem like August summer is back these days, as you go, the rainy season is approaching, which can always be damaged by dirty drains.

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