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How To Download Android 13 Beta 3.1 On Your Smartphone

How To Download Android 13 Beta 3.1 On Your Smartphone

Recently, Google announced a brand new open beta: Android 13 3.1. Until a few months ago, Android 13 was only available to developers, but now you can enjoy it too! The process is not so easy, that is why we have prepared this article to guide you through this process.

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If you want to install Android 13 Beta 3.1, we would like to draw your attention to some important things first. Note that this is a beta, which means that many features may be unstable and incomplete. If you want the final version of Android 13, you have to wait a few more months.

Therefore, before starting this process, we advise you to allow your reflection to mature. For example, make a backup for your mobile or plan to test the beta on the second compatible smartphone you have.

If you know all this information, we will continue to download Android 13 Beta 3.1 without further delay!

Download Android 13 Beta 3.1: Steps to follow

Join the Android Beta Program

The best way is to access this Android 13 beta Android beta page for pixel Through your computer. You will find all the information needed to start downloading the beta, including whether your mobile device is compatible.

To do this, you need to sign in to Google and check the compatibility with your list of devices. If your smartphone supports it well, select the Android 13 beta and sign up for the Android beta program. Enter, read the terms of the user agreement and accept these terms to join the program. You should receive a notification on your mobile device indicating that the process has been completed successfully!

Note: If you have already registered for the Android 12 beta, remember that all that is said now is not required: you will receive an update notification automatically on your smartphone.

Install Android 13 Beta 3.1 on your smartphone

Now that you have joined the Android beta program, the rest of the steps need to be implemented on your smartphone. Thanks to the advance notice, you can download the update for Android 13 Beta 3.1 in OTA (Over-the-Air) mode. However, if you do not receive any notification, go to your update settings, where you should find the program for Android 13.

However, you may have to wait a full day before the update starts. So wait till you need to and then get the OTA update on your smartphone.

Additional information about Android 13 Beta

That’s it, your smartphone now has Android 13 Beta 3.1! All its new features are available to you, but you can probably ask some more questions. For example, how long can you enjoy this beta?

Apparently, the official update for Android 13 is coming in the fall. Until then, before the release date of the popular full version is reached, you will receive several minor updates for the beta. The Android 13 beta plan is expected to last until June 2023, so beta-related updates will be available by then.

You can unsubscribe from the program at any time. To do this, Return to the Android beta page for Pixel On your computer, exit the program. You will receive an OTA update on your device within 24 hours, all smartphone data will be erased and you will return to the official Android version of this moment. So the main importance of backup!

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You need to have all the information you need to try the Android 13 Beta 3.1 experience. good time !

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