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Sesame travel certificate required to travel in C

Sesame travel certificate required to travel in C

Eight municipalities have been placed in the red zone since the last constitutional mandate to re-evaluate braking activities in Guyana. Residents are required to limit their travel and above all must be issued a travel certificate to download in the anti-dos Govt application.

By order of August 20thGuyana’s Chancellor, Thierry Quebec, bans travel in 8 commons
Curfew issued:

Monday to Friday, 7pm to 5am (without exception).

Saturday nights from 7pm to 5am on Mondays (without exception).

A Certificate for Download in the Dose Anti Govt Application

To travel, everyone must have a travel certificate Dose resistance can be found in the Govt application. Nothing on the province’s site:

During the day and evening, anyone traveling outside their home must provide proof of their travel with a certificate.

Travel certificates can be downloaded through the TousAntiCovid application by clicking “My Certificates” on the homepage. There are two options: daytime certification or curfew certification. It will be delivered directly over the phone and will be approved by the police.

The utility of the application helps to produce repetitive certificates online, especially avoiding paper printing.

For those who do not have a telephone to access the application, a paper and handwritten certificate is also allowed.

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