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Serie B, Regina-Citadella ends 0-1

Serie B, Regina-Citadella ends 0-1

Confirmations were needed, doubts came. Regina loses the dose against Citadello and proves not to be in the daytime. Akliti’s choices were not fruitful, the grenades thanked them and took home three points.

Cittadella has the simplicity of maneuver in midfield, where Regina suffers from inferiority complex in numbers. A real hole, triggered by the absence of a playmaker, or a man connecting the two fields. Menes is not the right player to do these tasks, and Intermediate Cardinovis is struggling to find the distance in his absence. Amaranths are severely affected in both phases and for grenades, this is a walk to reach the target, as happens in Vita’s favorable case. An ambiguity must have been added to all of this – probably commanded by several close involvements – due to several technical errors in the system for Loyacono and his comrades. In short, the first half should be forgotten.

Recovery is an already written script. A Regina can’t stop Citadella from holding the ball, which performs poorly in terms of coverage of signs and gaps. Over time, both teams have stretched physically, but the Amaranths have been unable to attack the goal of the cast, which has almost never been done.

Training exams

It is necessary to change a basic soldier to a clear-minded and tactical balance who wants to stabilize the skeleton to function very well. These are the themes in Regina, which Mr. to maintain the now defensive defensive structure in front of the dungeon. Led the agglutination. We see the unprecedented Cardinovic in his first match as a midfielder surrounded by headmaster, replacing the suspended Chrysanthemum. Menez returned from the second striker after the bench in Perugia’s victory. Rivas and Bellomo on the sidelines retain their place, as well as Kalabinov being a weight striker.

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The results and level of change must be changed, but the possibilities for success must always be taken into account. Citadella is ranked first in the Granillo on the 16th and with the last win on the 2nd of October at the Frosinone Stadium. Fresh from two consecutive defeats against Monza, and then against Burma, Mr. Corini’s team has added six changes to its 11 holders, compared to the last challenge they played: Ferdinand, Matteoli and Benedetti inside, causing a defensive revolution with Donorumma, Frere and Cassandro; Pavan and Vita are placed in the middle of the field instead of Danzi and Moscow; News of Beretta’s favorite Baldini attack. The grenades had to do without the wounded dungeon and the suspended Cassandro.

The first half is one way

A continuous minute study allows for the first shot towards the goal of the match. We’m 9, and it’s Franka who is engaged in a reactionary chase ready to deflect a ball on a corner kick that is projected into the net under the crossbar from the edge of the area. Citadello’s good round of the ball works with Vida Cole in the 13th minute. Touch the grenade midfielder from a few steps into the small area, he collects a low shot from the left by Antonossi and easily identifies.

Focusing on the edge of the penalty area, Regina tries to play at the age of 15 with Menez’s percussion instrument, which has cracked from the right side. The shot from the inside of the remote post did not bother Kasrti. At 30 the Amaranths are close to equilibrium. Descendants of De Sierra missed his skill, low cross and decisive encounter with the Kalabinov ball. The most dangerous Antenucci at 31 years old. Citadello’s attacking midfielder did not refer to himself to run the penalty. Luckily for Durat, the ball was lost just above the crossbar.

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The second half was endless

Regina wasted the first real action game noticeably in the second half in the 55th minute. The error of the defender who loses the ball in his own penalty area. Hettomaz collects and supports Richie, but his shot bounces back by opposing players. 0-2 near Citadel at 57 ‘. A suffocating ball ends Antonucci from the center of the round area. The chaser does not touch and the ball goes out a few centimeters from the second post. Amaranth corner kick in the 60th minute, a hot scrum in the middle, where Montaldo scored with a solid shot, but only provides a corner kick to a deviant host.

Regina is one step from 1-1 to 74 ‘. Montanto gives Denise a good ball and exchanges heels. Argentina’s hole divides the defense in two, but the deflected shot ends at a corner touching the post. Bianchi tried from the edge of the area in the 85th minute. Break everything in a corner and make a detour again to save the citadel. Hands on your hair for amaranths in the 90’s stroke. Montalto with the head was blocked by the end from a small area, contained by Castrati before colliding in the Laripi net in the resurrection.

Amaranth scoreboard and report cards

Regina (4-4-2): Speed ​​6.5; Loacono 5, Zionek 6, Stavropollos 5.5, de Sierra 5.5; Rivas 5 (46 ‘Richie 5), Hedemaz 5.5, Cardinovis 4.5 (63’ Pianchi 5.5), Pellomo 5.5 (64 ‘Laripi 5.5); Menes 4.5 (46 ‘Montalto 6), Kalabinov 5 (73’ Denis 6). Available in: Micai, Amione, Lakicevic, Liotti, Regini, Gavioli, Tumminello. Coach: Ugility5.

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Citadel (4-3-1-2): Castrate; Bertigone, Adorni, Matteoli, Benedetti (90 ‘Donorumma); Vita (90 ‘Icardi), Pawan, Franca (70’ Massoko); Antonucci (62 ‘Capone); Okwangwo (62 ‘Beretta), Baltini. Available in: Monroe, D’Urzo, Frere, Cyrillo, Tavernelli, Mastrantonio, Danci. Coach: Corini

Referee: Daniel Minelli from Variety (Stefano Liberty from Pizza and Marco della Croce from Rimini). 4th man: Alberto Ruben Arena of Torre del Greco. VAR: Turin Marco Serra. AVAR: Pietro Dei Giudici from Latin.

Scorers: 13 ‘Life (C).

Notes – Visitors: 6292 of which 1733 subscribers (Collection: 76.380, 10). Bookings: Antonucci (C), Branca (C), Loiacono (R), Ricci (R), Gorini All. (C), Beretta (c), Benedetti (c) de Sierra (R). Expelled: Corini All. (C) For protests. Corners: 5-4. Recovery: 0 ‘pt, 5’ st.