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WhatsApp name change: Facebook deleted - TECHBOOK

WhatsApp name change: Facebook deleted – TECHBOOK

name change

Facebook has changed its name, which has long-term effects on the company’s services, including WhatsApp.

In 2014, Facebook acquired WhatsApp, which was free at the time. Two years ago, the processor was renamed “WhatsApp from Facebook”, which will appear when it is launched and set up. The company wants to make it clear that Messenger belongs to the Facebook group. However, Facebook has now created a new parent company and renamed it “Meta” (more precisely: Meta Platforms, Inc.).

Facebook, Instagram, Oculus and WhatsApp are now Meta’s subsidiaries. This should be reflected in the applications, which is why the name Facebook is gradually disappearing from Instagram and WhatsApp. It all started with the WhatsApp beta for iOS, which now says “from meta”. The same change can now be seen in the beta version for Android smartphones. When you open the app, the WhatsApp logo will appear and “down from the meta” will additionally appear below.

Additionally, the note “WhatsApp from Facebook” is no longer found in the app settings. Only one free version can be viewed in beta.

WhatsApp boss Will Cathcard announced the change in a tweet:

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What does change mean for users?

For now, there will be a complete visual change. None of the usage and data protection terms on the WhatsApp page will change. Messenger regularly sends data to meta services within these terms, including Facebook. This may include information such as device, operating system, browser, phone number, IP address and location. You can also track the contacts of companies that use the WhatsApp business for business through Facebook. In addition, messages reported by users will be automatically sent to Facebook to check for suspicious behavior. Like TECHBOOK ReportedWhen users report a message, Facebook gains insight into the previous four messages, including pictures and videos.

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