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PS4 and PS5 games for subscribers are here -

PS4 and PS5 games for subscribers are here –

Sony has finally announced what’s new PS4 and PS5 games Added subscription service list PlayStation now A November 2021. From tomorrow, November 2, subscribers will be able to play Mafia: Firm Edition, Celeste, Final Fantasy IX and a completely reliable delivery service.

Mafia: Definitive Edition (our review here) is a remake of the first episode of the Mafia series created for today’s sites. As Tommy Angelo we will be trapped in the horrible world of organized crime and we will have to climb into the ranks of a mafia family in the era of prohibition.

Celeste (our review here) is an acclaimed platform made by Matt Thorsen and Noel Perry. As Madeline we will have to face a journey to get to the top of Mount Celeste, in an adventure with strong story elements, many challenges to face and discovery secrets.

Final Fantasy IX (our review of the PS4 version here) is the latest installment of the Square Enix series (then Square Soft) on PSX. The game offers an impressive and exciting storyline and features the good old ATB turn-based battle system from the final fantasy series. This excellent classic reissue on the PS4 includes new features such as trophies, autosave features, game enhancements such as high definition and accelerated mode and encounterless mode.

Absolutely reliable delivery service (our review here) Colorful and fun game that simulates the deliveries of a courier company, but completely crazy. TinyBuild’s mission is to provide a sandbox structure and the use of deliberately exaggerated physics, creating fun and original situations.

PlayStation now

In a nutshell, here are the games that will be on the PlayStation Now list for November 2021:

  • Mafia: The definitive version
  • Celeste
  • Final Fantasy IX
  • Completely reliable delivery service

What do you think of the news coming out of PlayStation Now in November, and are you satisfied? Do you have any favorite sports? Let us know in the comments.