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Neu ab September: der Xbox Wireless Controller Aqua Shift (Abbildung: Microsoft)

September: New Xbox Wireless Controller “Aqua Shift”

New since September: Xbox Wireless Controller Aqua Shift (Image: Microsoft)

What shines in every cottage: Microsoft will offer the Xbox Wireless Controller in the new Aqua Shift color variant from early September 2021.

Someone who Xbox Series X. Or Xbox Series S Buys, standardizes the Xbox wireless controller in the “Robot White” version. But since many games are suitable for joint gaming on the sofa at home (from FIFA 21 About Fortnight Up to It takes two), The need for a second controller arises quickly.

Microsoft offers a wide range of color options: Schwarz (Carbon black), Fourroad (Press the network), Blue (Shocking blue), Neon yellow (electric volt) or camouflage colors (Tasterick cameo)

Brand new from September 10, 2021: The Xbox Wireless Controller Aqua Shift Special Edition can already be ordered for as little as 64.99 euros (e.g. Media Mark*, Saturn*, Amazon*). The Blue Flash controller is a real spectacle and is technically similar to other Xbox games: so this model can be used on Windows 10 PCs as well as Android smartphones. Special Feature: Structured surfaces for more “grip” sides in hot game situations.

Tip 1: Media Mark* And Saturn* Currently controller included FIFA 21 In the package for 91.98 euros (until 4.8.2021)

Tip 2: If standard color selection is not enough for you, you can design and order a unique controller – in Xbox Design Lab.