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Seka misunderstood everything in the font of this event -

Seka misunderstood everything in the font of this event –

There are some who create Crusades for the blind use of Comic Sans. However, we are sure that they would have suggested using it in this case as well Font Instead of a recently used one Sega To promote an amazing event Fantasy Star Online 2.

Can’t believe it? Look at this picture:

The scariest artwork of Fantasy Star Online 2.

We are sure you will read carefully to understand that this is a final war and nothing else. We do not know how the idea of ​​using that font would have come to sponsor those colors and graphics event, but we firmly believe that those who oversaw and approved the project had some vision issues, otherwise they noticed “FI” turns into an “A”. Distorting the object dramatically Of the event. Except it’s a fancy seasonal April Fool.

Anyway, if you are interested in Fantasy Star Online 2, get back to this topic, Sega announced Called the Ultimate Quest until April 4th Final War: Space Time Interval. Anyone with an ark above level 90 can face primary darkness in this final battle. With Fi, not A.

This seems like a fun event, though it is unlikely to do much with completely distorted font artwork.

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