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Microsoft Aircraft Simulator: New World Update 4 available

Microsoft Aircraft Simulator: New World Update 4 available

Fans of Microsoft Air Simulator are now looking forward to the fourth global update available, which may bring upgrades for France and Benelux.

Microsoft Air Simulator is getting more and more beautiful and detailed. With the Fourth World Renewal, the game now has several decorations for France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

The new digital altitude data includes high-res 3D photogrammetry for Paris and Amsterdam, but three new, handcrafted airports, namely Megau, Nice and Rotterdam. In addition, about 100 airports in the region have been revamped.

As you fly, you can explore more than 100 signs that have received corrections, and new buildings and signs have been added. There are two new challenges, namely the landing challenge at La Sallete and a bush trip over the Pyrenees and Ardennes.

As usual, you can re-download World Update 4 via the Xbox Game Pass on the PC, Steam and Windows Store. The Xbox X / S version of the Xbox Series is aimed at summer. There is a new trailer to put you in the mood.

Microsoft Flight Simulator – World Update Trailer for Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France

The latest update to the Microsoft Flight Simulator embellishes France and Benelux and brings new content to flight simulation.

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