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Rivoluzione in casa Konami, PES diventa eFootball: free to play e crossplay al centro dell

Play at the center of the new football game experience and cross play is free

Fans have been waiting for it for more than a year and in recent days some rumors have been anticipating its new character and now everything has been confirmed. Pro Evolution Soccer, for all PES, changes its name and appearance. Today Konami presented eFootball: it will be the name of the next football simulation of the Japanese house, and not just in the name of revolution. Call of Duty: Free to play in the hopes of reclaiming the victories of Warson and Fortnight and football: can be downloaded for free for everyone regardless of stage. On the new generation consoles, the PS5 and Series X / S, and on the older, PS4 and One X / S, and even on PC and mobile, the new Konami Football is downloadable and can be run for free in some of its modes. As with playing for free, in reality, the development house will be more profitable in micro transactions and DLCs.

For now, only a simple route map to get closer to the product is available, with details promising to meet at the end of August (and fan questions remain: What’s in the Master League? Is the series still there? The release, scheduled for early fall, will allow players to challenge each other offline and online, as well as the first approach to cross-game or the opportunity to challenge an opponent with a friend or a different gaming platform. From yours. Owned. Initially this feature will only be available between consoles of the same family (PS5 user versus PS5 user and Series X / S user versus an X / S user), then extended to PC and mobile devices in winter. Konami’s goal is to allow online competition between users of all possible sites and consoles. In all of this, switching to a new graphics engine was crucial: the now-tired Fox dropped the engine and the choice fell on the customized version of Unreal Engine 4, reports Nintendo The Epic graphics engine has always been used by many development companies, especially Efootball, which gives itself the idea of ​​being ‘scalable’ based on the operating system and its power. Konami ensures that users who have already adopted the next gen can enjoy the variations and enhancements allowed for the better system power of the new consoles.

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In some of the details provided by Sitaro Kimura to IGN, we focus on tripping and the movement of players on the field. According to the maker of the series, each other is the foundation of football, which is why they used the advanced motion capture technology and advice of talented athletes Andres Iniesta and Gerard Pique in real time. Shooting is now handed over to the controller’s R2 / RT keys, and Kimura ensures that there are several options to have full control of the ball and the movements of the race. Defensive grid offers many new features such as specific buttons for body use (to protect or compete with the ball) and marking.

Waiting for more details, as expected in the summer, the choice made by Konami is bold and almost indebted to the times and financial condition of the Japanese house. eFootball will be a platform for all fans, which will be expanded and updated over time following the comments of the community and fans. The world of football simulators has been an old world for many years and not the slightest inclination to innovation, marking the real revolution of the eFootball genre. In the fall we can begin to understand whether this is the right or dangerous choice.

A little note for Rosonery fans: Currently Milan is fully licensed, name, kit, logo and stadium, only in the FIFA series. In the PES 2021 season update, the Rosonery team has a generic stadium and kit called Milano RN. Inserting badges, names and official uniforms have all solved the problem associated with some licenses purchased by Konami, all of which were easily solved by so-called “FO” customized files created by the ever-active PES community. In the game. The logic makes us think that the famous author of the series will be in Efootball as well, but the news is whether this will be confirmed by Konami in the coming weeks or not.

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