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Sega Zombies coming soon to Nintendo Switch

Sega Zombies coming soon to Nintendo Switch

Another glory of the past is about to return. When Nintendo Indy World Showcase Announced April 14th Home of the Dead Remake, A remake of the first chapter of the historian Shooter on tracks Signed Sega This caused a great deal of anger in the arcade in the 90s.

However, Seka will not be responsible for the remake. House of Dead remakes will be born out of joint ventures Forever entertaining e Megapixel Studio, Already the authors of the remake of Bunser Dragon (you can read us about it here Buncer Dragon Remake Review). The new version of the classic released in 1997 boasts of updated graphics for the present, but true to the dynamics of the past, which is complete Many results For adventure and the ability of two players to play cooperatively, as in arcade. The only version currently announced Nintendo Switch, It is not clear whether other versions will be created simultaneously or in the future.

In the past they were already widespread Rumors of a return to The House of the Dead, Forever Entertainment also plans a remake House of the Dead2. We now have the official confirmation of the safe income of the minimum first chapter currently planned for 2021 in general. And nothing excludes the fact that one day confirmation will not come in the second chapter either.