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Private sector and Roll 7 announce the world of Olli Olli

Private sector and Roll 7 announce the world of Olli Olli

The new platform-action skateboarding game with a unique style and state-wide flow is coming out on multiple platforms this winter.

New York, NY – April 14, 2021Private sector And Roll 7 Announced a digital release todayOlli Olli World This winter PlayStation 5 and PlayStation ®4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

This skateboard-centric action and platform game is the latest, boldest and most innovative of the authorized rights, and has an original character. Players flip the chain and roll inside Rotland, A vibrant and dynamic world full of colorful characters searching for the mysterious gods of skateboarding, guiding them in their quest Wisdom. Rotland And its people are happily eccentric and bear the stamp of remarkable and irrelevant art style. In Olli Olli World To discover all the secrets of this amazing skateboarding fantasy, players can customize the look, tricks and style of their character before exploring the levels with multiple paths.

Millimeter controls are always the goal along with the finally tuned gameஒல்லி ஒல்லி. But now, in Olli Olli World, The sites allow new players to see the rich combo system and all the fun that the game has to offer, while the pros can show off their skills and master numerous tricks, all of which access millions of unique levels in Sandbox mode. Players from all over the world can compete against the same level of competitors in the league.

« Thanks to this innovative and ambitious evolution, we are pleased to be able to finally give shape to our original vision of the Olli Olli series. “, He said Simon Bennett, Co-PDG D Roll7. « We wanted to bring to life all the differences, surprises and diversity of the skateboarding world in a sport like finding the road with your friends, finding crazy places and doing sick tricks, and above all, skating where possible! »

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« We are pleased to work with Roll 7 to advance the Olly Olly series with innovative and exciting art direction, while at the same time respecting its identity: state-of-the-art gaming. “, He said Michael Voros, Executive Vice President and Director of Private Sector. « Flux level is achieved by finding the right balance between concentration and relaxation. Olli Olli World This unique feel pushes to unprecedented heights, thanks to an intuitive design and millimeter controls. »

Olli Olli World Is the third installment of the popular series ஒல்லி ஒல்லி, Created by Roll 7, a London-based studio popular for redefining multiple genres and creating notable games. ஒல்லி ஒல்லி And Olly Olly 2: Welcome to Ollywood, the Laser League, And Not a hero.

Olli Olli World Take-Dow’s 2022 fiscal year, PlayStation ® 5 and PlayStation ®4, Xbox Series X | The S and Xbox One will be released digitally this winter on PC and Nintendo Switch on.