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Section 2: Digital Foundry Comparison Video, Unexpected Disaster on PS5

Section 2: Digital Foundry Comparison Video, Unexpected Disaster on PS5

Digital Foundry ‘S next gen patch analyzed Section 2 A Comparison video The Xbox Series is dedicated to the X and PS5. What are the results? Simply put, the Xbox Series X is better, but also with multiple version issues PS5 Making it Unexpected disaster. Let’s look at the details.

First, the purpose of Section 2 through digital foundry video comparison, albeit in a different way, 60 FPS on all three next-generation computers. The gameplay on the PS5 is quite stable, with the Xbox Series S on the second level and finally the Xbox Series X: Microsoft engines lose some frames due to the many transparency effects on the screen.

In the Xbox Series X, Section 2 uses the increased power of the Microsoft console to reach a resolution between 1800p – 2160p. The Xbox Series S, as you might expect, is between 900p and 1080p. PS5 With, has a wide range Minimum 1080p and maximum 1890p. Graphically, the Xbox Series X does not go much further than the Xbox One X, but the upgraded SSD and CPU allow for better down handling, up to a certain distance with less pop-ins. However, on the PS5, this is not all, Digital Foundry reveals through its video comparison.

Further, Section 2 on the PS5 is even a step back from the PS4 Pro version. The next gen console from Sony has no measuring light (even indoors), no atmospheric rendering, no fog and no smoke effects. Some of the reflections on the PS4 Pro that were replaced by standard and very simple effects are also missing. Also, I Loading times They are the Xbox Series X | Are less than SI, which is surprising for Digital Foundry, which generally sees success results for Sony consoles.

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In all honesty, there is no other way to define a situation than an unforeseen catastrophe. Did Ubisoft actually release the next gen PS5 patch that would make the game worse? Digital Foundry considers this to be a mistake and that it is Some bugs have created problems. Now, however, the game appears in video comparison.

While waiting for Ubisoft’s clarification, we point out that the new Star Wars game from Ubisoft’s maze is at the beginning of development.