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Second Class STEM Regulatory Competition: 50 Closed Questions and Oral Exam, Download Programs. Titles and service are invalid

“Smart” competition for STEM categories: Mathematics, Physics, Mathematics and Physics, Science and Information Technology. Sostechni Biz is mandated to be held in the summer and to bring 3,005 teachers to the chair from September 2021. Details of competition classes and tests to be taken.

Because normal competition is expected only for these competitive classes

The motivation given in the Order was “to strengthen the science and technology subjects and to pursue the objectives pursued by the National Recovery and Recession Program in relation to the large number of vacant and available spaces”

No competition classes were predicted

These are high school competition classes

A020 – Physics There are 282 seats
A026 – Mathematical Places 1005
A027 – Mathematics and Physics 815 seats
A041 – Computer Science and Technology Places 903

Written exam and oral exam. No evaluation of qualifications

Written test, Computer based, which includes 50 questions

  • 40 of the projects provided for in Appendix A to the Order of the Minister of Education, April 20, 2020, n. 201 for single competition class,
  • In Information Technology5
  • 5 In the English language.

Attention: For the A027- Mathematics and Physics competition class, 40 questions related to programs are divided between 20 math questions and 20 physics questions.

Download plans for A26, A20, A27, A41 competition classes

Programs for English (probably considered P2 level knowledge) and ID programs are not yet known.

Each question consists of one question followed by four answers, of which only one is correct; A series of 50 questions is given approximately to each candidate.

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The additional time specified in Article 20 of Test No. 20 is a maximum of 100 minutes, without any discrimination. 104. No pre-release of questions.

The evaluation of the test is carried out by assigning 2 points for each correct answer and zero points for unanswered or incorrect answers.

The test is rated at a maximum of 100 points and the minimum score is passed by those who score 70 points.

The draft of the written test questions, even for consideration, is assigned directly to one or more universities.

Oral examination follows, The order does not say anything for that, except that the maximum score will be assessed at 100 points and the minimum score will be passed by those who get 70 points.

Oral selection predicts normal competition

Ranking: Takes into account the scores of written and oral tests within the boundaries of the reported locations. There will be no evaluation of qualifications and service. The ranking should be created by 20 August 2021.

Who can participate

Only candidates who have submitted their application by July 31, 2020 for the Ordinary Secondary Competition I and II Degree mentioned in the DD. n. 201 on April 20, 2020 for the competition class in question. In practice, this is the same competition, but the D.L. With a slim growth due to Brunetta, this allows the priority to be removed and teachers already in the chair by September 2021.

The call will be changed only to bring about the necessary changes (e.g. insert programs for English and information technology), but not for new applications.

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Selection sites

They already exist, they were identified in the winter, precisely for the practice of normal competition.


The deadline for submission of applications should be open.