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An Easter egg was discovered on the Xbox 20 years after the console was released!  |  Xbox One

An Easter egg was discovered on the Xbox 20 years after the console was released! | Xbox One

While Microsoft has released a dynamic theme in honor of the first Xbox in the Xbox Series X and S, the hidden Easter egg for 20 years has been found on Microsoft’s first console!

Tribute to the developers of the first Xbox Dashboard

An anonymous developer who worked on the first Xbox gave the information and decided to sell the wiki கோட்டாக்கு A trick to detect this blink of an eye hidden by the developers in the center of the dashboard of the first Xbox. The developer has revealed how to access this well-kept secret showing the new credit screen.

I decided to share this now because it has been 20 years and I thought it would be cool if people knew it really existed. I know a lot of sites that want to keep track of these things, not everyone on this list is with Microsoft anymore. If I hadn’t done it now, I thought it would never have happened. It was so long that I could not remember any trick! I had to connect to the Xbox and try many things.

This hidden credit screen pays homage to the developers who first worked on the Xbox dashboard: Victor Blanco, Chokpong Chanboy, Bradford Christian and Jim Helm. The process is similar to the Easter egg, which is ripped off by calling an album “Eggsβox”, and it also shows the credit screen.

How to Stir Xbox Easter Eggs with Developer Credit Screen

  • Go to Xbox Settings
  • Go to System Info
  • Go to “Music”
  • Insert the audio CD
  • From the Audio CD screen, select “Copy”, then “Copy”, then “New Sound Record”.
  • Remove the default soundtrack title and replace it (no quotes) with “Timmyyyyyyyyyyy!” “. Putting the letter Y 26 times is a question, i.e. fill in all the fields and replace the last one with an exclamation mark.
  • Wait until the disk is copied
  • When the extraction is complete, return to the main menu
  • Select “Settings”, then “System Info”
  • A new screen should now appear with a list of developers who are members Xbox Dashboard Panel.
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Seamus Blackley, One of the creators of the Xbox project, noted that another Easter egg linked to the launch of the first Xbox a few years ago has yet to be discovered. After all, the green animation you see is done in real time instead of video. So while some Xbox players are trying to unravel this mystery this mystery remains unsolved at this time.