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Scientific missions halted: Hubble fights against wear and tear

Scientific missions halted: Hubble fights against wear and tear

The hubble falls off, and needs to be interrupted more often. Finally after having navigation issues, all scientific work had to be stopped due to computer malfunction. The fault is suspected to be in the memory module.

Again, Hubble must be closed to analyze an error

The hardware used in aerospace technology is very robust and designed for continuous loads such as significantly increased radiation in space. But with long use, the cosmic catastrophes of time will know these elements. The Hubble Space Telescope, which orbits the Earth since April 1990, is a prime example, so it is an excellent test bed for this development. After a service mission was last carried out in 2009, the Optical Star shows signs of love wear and tear in the eyes – which is now clearly visible again.
Not currently active: Hubble needs to switch backups once again

Like NASA Announced, NASA standard spacecraft computer-1 (NSSC-1) system developed in the 1980s was discovered to have failed on June 13. The payload system integrates all the scientific systems on the Hubble board, so it is essential for the work of the telescope. “After Sunday’s interruption, the main computer no longer has a” hold “signal, a steady handshake between the payload and the spacecraft’s main system, indicating that everything is OK, the developers said.

If this signal is not received, the master system automatically converts all scientific systems to safe mode configuration. Staff in charge of the control center at NASA’s Goddard Space Airport in Green Belt, Maryland, tried a tried and tested tactic on Monday, June 14: Restart the computer. However, it was found that the problem could not be solved at this time.

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The problem is in the memory module

Subsequent analysis gives an indication that Hubble’s current problem can be searched for a memory module. But this again shows that designers predicted such scenarios decades ago: “The module has different levels of redundancy, which can be changed if necessary to serve as the primary system”. Precisely because of this connection Hubble should now be back to normal.

It is always interesting to see how the Hubble team eliminates complex issues for good product and creative solutions from designers. The increasing number of strokes reporting Hubble problems also makes it clear that the space telescope is moving more and more towards final shutdown.

Space, Satellite, Telescope, Hubble, Hubble Space Telescope
Space, Satellite, Telescope, Hubble, Hubble Space Telescope