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School Job Change: Student Training Agreement and Adherence to Courses in High Schools.  Download the template for parents to sign

School Job Change: Student Training Agreement and Adherence to Courses in High Schools. Download the template for parents to sign

Act 107/2015 gave legal form to the school-job alternative in high schools as well.
Article 1-c33 In fact, in order to increase students’ job opportunities and orientation skills, a minimum of 200 hours in high schools (later reduced to 90 hours by law 145/2018) over a three-year period.

Alternative courses are included in the three-year programs of the training opportunity.

Act 145 2018

Act 145 2018 renamed the School-Work Alternative (AS-L) or “Paths to Cross-Skills and Orientation” (well known by the acronym PCTO), but actually modified its minimum overall duration. Resources allocated to schools within the limits required to do a limited number of hours compared to what was initially predicted.

Finally, with Cabinet No. 774 on 4/9/2019, new PCTO guidelines were enacted. Lines are available


In particular, the objectives mentioned in the guidelines are:

Orientation as a mental system to act or react to ideas, people, situations

Guidelines establish a reference framework for developing and integrating basic communication skills, specific guiding skills needed for a person’s development, and the ability to make informed and adequate choices throughout life. Therefore, mentoring culture is changing and a routine information-based approach is often offered to outsourced operators and specialists, using balanced experiential approaches to automation learning in support of training, even in an informal environment.

The role of the entire school system therefore appears to be essential and takes on strategic importance, and must be ensured for teaching staff on the issues of permanent guidance, in relation to essential elementary and continuing training. . Emphasis is placed on the educator’s image as a guiding guide to enhance student identity, make conscious and responsible choices, celebrate the permanent and cross-dimension of guidance, and define approaches and tools that support students to increase functional guidance. Person and related needs were expressed to establish and strengthen an integrated guidance system.

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Cross skills as a training goal of paths

The need for new skills to respond to the needs of individuals and the transformation and competitiveness of economic systems puts the education system in a position to adopt strategies aimed at improving operations and logistical interventions aimed at facilitating change.

Recommendation of 22 May 2018

The Council of Europe’s 22 May 2018 recommendation specifically outlines a link structure that outlines eight key capabilities that are equally important to a citizen’s personal development. In them, the following cross-capabilities are mentioned, which are expressed by the recommendation in the order of specific skill components.

These skills allow citizens, even before students, to distinguish themselves from others, to condition their mode of operation, and to stimulate strategies to meet the challenges of advanced organizational models in increasingly interconnected and digitalized environments.

PCTO design

The responsible person must “compromise the design of the PCTOs:

  • Curriculum dimension;
  • Experiential dimension;
  • Orientation dimension.

Three dimensions

The three dimensions are designed in an inseparable path that points to the development of cross-cutting and technical-professional skills that will be useful in students ’study and career choices that can be applied at work and in any higher education. In particular, following the achievement of a five-year diploma, schools design customized courses for the development of specific targeted skills to help young people develop their own self-assessment skills and guide them in exams. Attitudes and expectations. In this context, the test of the path is based on an organic orientation system that starts from the individuality of the students and gradually leads to the full development of their potential.

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Each high school, over the years, must implement its own reference model, starting with the many experiences it has accumulated and implemented.

Gained experience and high school experience

This experience is downloaded on the basis of knowledge, thanks to the integrated design, only manufactured tool functions can be guaranteed.

“Student Training Agreement in High Schools and Adherence to School-Job Alternative Courses” James Joyce Information on Lysio Stato Internship in Aricia (Rome), Training Activity of Internal and External Teachers and Department Specialists, as well as Workplace Safety.

School bodies (municipalities, museums, libraries, ASL, parks, etc.), but have signed various agreements with individuals (training agreement corresponds to the development of predicted skills).

This agreement is a solid example of how documents should be structured.